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Jeanne's horoscopes May 18

Jeanne's free horoscopes May 18
Jeanne's free horoscopes May 18
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This week's horoscopes in a nutshell:

Aries - Your opportunities this week will be more local. If you have been feeling stuck, things will begin to move forward at your natural pace.

Taurus - Don't let the opinions of others over power those you have of yourself. Just consider the source.

Gemini - If romance has been stuck like a gerbil on a wheel, you can be lucky in romance this week. If you have had chronic health issues, this is your week to make some beneficial changes.

Cancer - You may have an emotional hangover from recently romantic involvements. Now is the time to make those changes that you will find more lasting rewards from.

Leo - Travel may be strongly on your mind this week as your feet want you to move out into new territory. Even if it's a short trip, it will give you the new perspective you need to push forward in other areas of your life. Take your favorite romantic partner with you and create some future memories.

Virgo - You might have to push to get things done, but you will. Getting together with long-time friends will brighten your spirits.

Libra - If you've been feeling frustrated because of work issues, you'll find some important break-throughs this week and support for your plans or ideas.

Scorpio - You may have a long-standing issues that keeps showing up unresolved. Even though you may not be able to resolve it right now, hang on because you'll have to wait for a while. Try to put your positive glasses on.

Sagittarius - If you are willing to say what you mean and express your thoughts, love is on the rise for you! Partnerships of all kinds will be supportive and you'll find more fun in them.

Capricorn - Long-standing relationships whether at work or at home will be very positive this week. Lighten up and try not to be somber. You can have fun during the process.

Aquarius - At work or home, other's will be more receptive to your ideas and plans this week. Take advantage of it as they will be supportive.

Pisces - You may feel pulled in too many directions this week. Important discussions may be difficult but worth doing. It will clear the air.

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