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Jeanne's horoscopes May 11

Jeanne's horoscopes for May 11
Jeanne's horoscopes for May 11
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What is happening in the stars this week.

Aries - Your romantic life is highlighted this week. Expect the unexpected over the next few days and everything will work out fine, especially if you can adapt and just go with the flow.

Taurus - You may find you are more tired than usual. With the full moon in your sign this week, a woman could be influencing and coloring your week.

Gemini - Get read for something new to enter your life. Thinking about an old, long-gone romance will bring back fond memories.

Cancer - If you have wanted change in your career area, now is the time to put that effort in. Where there is challenge, there are also opportunities. Focus on the latter.

Leo - Be open to others' opinions and remember that they count too! Staying flexible will go a long way to get through a challenge or two this week.

Virgo - You may find that you are more impulsive than usual, especially when it comes to impulse buying. Think twice before spending too much on things you may find you really didn't need.

Libra - A much needed compromise may be coming this week, especially if there are limited resources. Think before acting and things will go smoothly.

Scorpio - Think carefully about the choices you must make this week because they will have long term consequences, especially with older people in your life. The full moon will be fully operating in your sign. It is time to finish up those projects you've been putting aside.

Sagittarius - Over indulgence is your theme for these next few days. Socializing with friends and family will be fun.

Capricorn - Promises others have made may not bear fruit. Long-terms goals and projects will be on your mind. Planning ahead is a good thing.

Aquarius - You'll have more energy this week so put yourself in the company you enjoy most. It's time to take up that hobby and do something you really personally enjoy.

Pisces - If you get dealt a handful of lemons this week, it's time to make that lemonade. Don't let a few days of feeling out of sorts get you down. You'll recover in a few days.

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