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Jeanne's Horoscopes March 9

Jeanne's Horoscopes March 9
Jeanne's Horoscopes March 9

Aries - This week family and loved ones are highlighted. They will be supportive of your new ideas if you are sensitive to it.

Taurus - Be flexible with others at work as they may be wanting change. Avoid confrontation at home - you'll be glad you did in a few days.

Gemini - Look for good times and recognition in your career. You are poised to have fun everywhere you go this week.

Cancer - If you have suffered from a loss in love, you'll comes to grips with it this week and learn from it.

Leo - People will be open and drawn to you this week. Be open to compromise at home and you'll be glad you did.

Virgo - You'll be able to see both sides of a situation at home this week with loved ones. Take on those projects you have been putting off - especially paperwork.

Libra - If finances have been heavy on your mind, lighten up! Things will move forward in financial matters later this week. You'll clear the air.

Scorpio - Be careful not to isolate yourself by not dealing with an important relationship this week. Be more open to teamwork.

Sagittarius - You may be more domestic this week, which is usually not the case. Take advantage of this energy and work on those projects that need attention in around your home.

Capricorn - The women in your life will have a positive influence this week. You may be re-considering your financial plans and re-work your budget.

Aquarius - If you'll put yourself out there this week, love is out there! You may be on the receiving end.

Pisces - If you'll take the time to reflect, you'll feel much more at ease and back in to balance.

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