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Jeanne's Horoscopes March 2

Jeanne's Free Weekly Horoscopes
Jeanne's Free Weekly Horoscopes

Aries - If you have been waiting for that opportunity to finish those old projects, this week belongs to you!

Taurus - If you were born in the middle of May, you need to get out even if it is only for a day. Doing something you love doing will brighten things up and calm down stressful situations.

Gemini - Your psychic energy is in full swing. If you get that gut feeling, trust that it is true.

Cancer - If you were considering changes late last summer, now is the time to pursue them. You will notice you have more energy this week.

Leo - Romance is on the rise this week whether it is with someone new or your long-term partner. Take advantage of this wonderful energy and you'll be glad you did.

Virgo - If you have wanted to get more fit, now is the time to start. Old hurts will be surfacing and then finally fading into the past. New things are on the horizon if you'll let old things go.

Libra - For you, spring has sprung! Get out and socialize or entertain in your own home. Have that spring fling gathering - you'll be a great host.

Scorpio - You may have felt overly burdened lately and this is about to end. You'll feel lighter and brighter in a few days. This is part of the process of the changes you are going through and you're not done yet.

Sagittarius - Get out and be the true socializer that you really are! Your creative talents are in full bloom - take advantage of this energy so that new things can begin.

Capricorn - Any projects that you were thinking about or involved in during the middle part of last year, will begin to surface again. Good fortune surrounds these ideas and projects.

Aquarius - A romantic interest in your past or your current one will be on your mind strongly this week. Expanding your perspective is the key for this week.

Pisces - Be aware this week to keep things in balance by relaxing once in a while. Read that book or enjoy the simple pleasures. Doing this will keep you grounded.

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