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Jeanne's Horoscopes March 23

Free Weekly Horoscopes March 23
Free Weekly Horoscopes March 23

Aries - With the new moon coming in your sign, get ready to put that creativity to work! Socialize and get together with friends!

Taurus - You may find yourself in a position to receive negativity. Just ignore it and more on quickly and hold that temper!

Gemini - There could be deceptiveness at work. Otherwise, this week should be fun to do the things you enjoy the most and do it with your partner or friends.

Cancer - This week is an opportunity to share your feelings with those that matter the most. Remember, it takes two to tango, so, don't accept the blame for everything.

Leo - You are changing and feeling restless is part of that this week. Be ready to start something new.

Virgo - Even though you may feel like you have to make a decision, try waiting for a few days. This is not the time to spend money on others.

Libra - Romance is featured this week. Don't be afraid to stand your ground on what is important to you.

Scorpio - You could meet the love of your life or rekindle an old love. Don't make last minute decisions. It is time to play the waiting game.

Sagittarius - You can definitely feel that Spring has sprung! Your energy is back! Remember, if you want to be happy, maybe being right isn't so important.

Capricorn - You may not get everything done this week. Instead, look for unexpected things to happen through someone you don't necessarily know all that well.

Aquarius - Even though you feel as though you are stuck on a situation and can't move forward, the energy supports socializing which you need right now.

Pisces - Taking a break this week will do you good. Read a good book or get involved using your creative side. You may be involved in close relationships trying to keep the balance.

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