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Jeanne's Horoscopes March 16

Jeanne's Free Horoscopes March 16
Jeanne's Free Horoscopes March 16

Aries - Keeping your emotions in check this week will help you maintain the balance in your work and relationships. This will help you to keep in your comfort zone.

Taurus - If you feel that you are between a rock and a hard place in your relationship trying to always be the peace maker, it is time to be clear and not beat around the bush. You have needs, too.

Gemini - Work is better than it was if you'll look back, however, you are still in the process of working through an issue. There are forces bigger than you running in the background. Be patient and the tides will turn.

Cancer - You might feel like breaking free of routine this week. Do it, because it will give you new perspective and a break from other challenges you are facing.

Leo - Read between the lines when dealing with your partner. Listen to what is not being said for there lies what you can be more sensitive to if you'll make the effort.

Virgo - Your tuition is running high this week and if you'll listen to that small voice within, it will help you to see the other side when dealing with others.

Libra - Keep yourself in check when around others that seem to be overly negative. Wait for a few days if you feel you must bring up unpleasantness between you.

Scorpio - This week supports getting out and having a little fun! Your creativity is very positive if you'll put it to good use.

Sagittarius - Unusual as it may seem, you may be feeling less optimistic this week. Circumstances don't have to be perfect in order for you to do the best you can.

Capricorn - Progress in those projects will begin to move forward. Just make sure you make plans to put first things first and it will relieve the pressure you might be feeling.

Aquarius - People around you may need more attention than you feel you have time for. You can make the time and if you do, you'll be glad you did.

Pisces - This full moon on Sunday can bring out criticism from others. Don't let their opinions become more important than the ones most important - yours.

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