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Jeanne's horoscopes June 1

Jeanne's free horoscopes June 1
Jeanne's free horoscopes June 1
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What is happening in the stars for this week?

Aries - Finish up those projects already in the works or ones you have put on hold. Avoid confrontations and look for a diplomatic solution. That will create a win-win and smooth out any tensions.

Taurus - Sharing your insecurities with someone you love will ease the burden. If your worries are about finances, which they probably are, don't take out your mood on others. Talking about it will give you hope for the future.

Gemini - It is a very busy week, especially in your career. If you feel pulled in too many directions, calm down and relax. You'll get through this as you always do.

Cancer - Your psychic senses are in high gear this week and it will be important to pay attention to your gut feelings so you don't end up doing things you don't really want to do.

Leo - Other's may be more demanding of your time this week. Keep your usual optimism as it will go a long way to keep peace.

Virgo - Your focus is on the home environment this week. Keeping the peace will require some diplomacy. Just watch how you say things to those close to you.

Scorpio - You may end up having to keep a promise you made to someone which can frustrate you. Being cheerful and honor your commitments even though you have other things you'd rather be doing.

Sagittarius - Get out there and socialize even though you have other things on your agenda. It will do you good and those around you.

Capricorn - If you have needed a break, this is the week to take it. You may encounter some wise advice that you can apply to your situation that will be beneficial later this year when things move forward at a rapid pace.

Aquarius - If you've been wanting to get out and explore or travel the stars are with you, especially if you include people you love to spend time with.

Pisces - Keep life simple this week even though you may be feeling tension from others. It will help you avoid the drama in others.

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