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Jeanne's horoscopes June 15

Jeanne's free horoscopes June 15
Jeanne's free horoscopes June 15
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What is happening in the stars for you this week:

Aries - This may be an intense week, not unlike the last few weeks, however, if you focus your energies around home, it will keep you much calmer.

Taurus - You will have fun with family and friends this week. Other's will enjoy being around your positive attitude.

Gemini - You may experience some delay in projects you have going. Cooperation will win the week at work and home.

Cancer - Spend time around a compassionate woman, whether it is your mate, family member or friend. She will give you support in some of the glitches you may be experiencing.

Leo - Finish up those old projects and make time for friends and family at a distance. You'll be glad you did.

Virgo - If you'll stay focused on projects at hand, it will keep you from worrying about the future which you cannot do anything about right now.

Libra - This week challenges you because it may be a power struggle about who is in charge of what. Watch what you say and how you say it; diplomacy is the key here.

Scorpio - Get out and explore even if it's only around town. It will lighten your mood especially if you are around someone you really care about.

Sagittarius - Being a Sag this is a great week for you to have fun! Your energy is in full swing and others like to be around you even more than usual.

Capricorn - This is an excellent time to treat your sweetheart to a night out. It will bring out the best in you.

Aquarius - You may find yourself having to revisit something you thought was already done. Working around others will be fulfilling.

Pisces - Being around children will bring you a sense of joy and contentment especially if your activities are outdoors.

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