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Jeanne's horoscopes July 20

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Psychic Readings,Online Psychic Readings,Tarot Readings
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What is happening in the stars for the week of July 20-26, 2014?

Patience and perseverance will be rewarded! On Monday, retrograde Saturn finally moves forward. Many people will experience sudden and amazing breakthroughs around longstanding issues or challenges.

ARIES - Some of those frustrations you have been feeling will begin to calm down. Use your creative side this week at home and work. New projects will prove to be most enjoyable.

TAURUS - This is a great time to spend with family. Get that BBQ going and invite your favorite people. Good times are ahead.

GEMINI - Power struggles can be kept to a minimum and get you through the week unscathed. Focus on socializing instead of letting that power struggle consume you.

CANCER - You are still in the midst of major changes from the inside out. Meditation will keep you grounded.

LEO - You'll feel like spending and doing things in a big way. The new moon supports those projects you have put on the back burner. If you are single this week support new love in a big way.

VIRGO - If you have been putting those long-standing projects aside, get them out and start in while the iron is hot.

LIBRA - Those long-held frustrations begin to ease up and now is the time to plan that vacation with those you love to be around.

SCORPIO - This week supports those things that you really love to do. You'll finally be able to move forward on a long-standing issue.

SAGITTARIUS - This is the start of a year-long optimistic future. Plan now to get out and explore some places you've wanted to do for a long time.

CAPRICORN - Things loosen up at work as long as you stick to the boundaries you have set for yourself concerning those in a power position. Your long-term plans will suddenly begin to move forward.

AQUARIUS - You may have felt you were held back these last few months. Not any more! You'll find sudden success in just about anything you want to do.

PISCES - Enjoy the outdoors, especially with family and friends. It may be a backyard BBQ or a hike in the woods. You'll be glad you did.

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