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Jeanne's horoscopes January 26

Jeanne's horoscopes Jan 26-Feb 1
Jeanne's horoscopes Jan 26-Feb 1

Aries - Battles aren't necessary this week, so if you must, pick it wisely. If you choose the right one, you can move forward.

Taurus - It's time to clean your emotional closet and while your're at it, get rid of household items you haven't used in a year.

Gemini - After last week's busy schedule, you finally will be aware that things are calming down and going your way for once in a long while. Watch your budget as you may feel like going on a spending spree.

Cancer - If you've had a down time recently, it's because you need to review your work or career and the choices you have made in the recent past. If the time has come where you really want to pursue another job, the cosmos is behind you all the way..

Leo - New partnerships are in the air as the week progresses. Maybe it really is time for something new. But first, deal with any old projects. You'll soon been very busy again.

Virgo - Your energies are being renewed this week and new opportunities are coming your way.

Libra - Your anxiety should calm down this week. Make time for the young people around you - you'll be glad you did.

Scorpio - It is time to exercise flexibility in your relationships as the week moves forward. Compromising with others is the key to getting through this week.

Sagittarius - Things will speed up this week keeping you busier than ever. Learning something new in the tech-world may be on your agenda.

Capricorn. - You may feel like you have to speak up concerning your home this week. Instead of getting upset, try revamping some things around the house. You'll be glad you did.

Aquarius - It is important to face what comes at you head on. If you try to skirt around the issues, they'll indeed be back. Think about it now so that when it comes up, you'll have an answer.

Pisces - You may feel like you are outside of your box this week and not feeling very comfortable about it. Share how you feel to move past it.

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