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Jeanne's Horoscopes Jan 19-25

Horoscopes Jan 19-25
Horoscopes Jan 19-25

Aries - If you've been putting off finishing old business and projects, this week is for you.

Taurus - Your attention this week turns to work or business plans and opportunities. Use your creativity that is natural to you and listen to the ideas of others.

Gemini - While it is hard to shut down your mind this week because it is everywhere all at once, you may find it necessary to focus on your spending.

Cancer - Positive changes have already begun after a few months of stale-mate. Wonderful changes will continue.

Leo - While working on your projects, you may find life more interesting by those you come in contact with. They have different points of view that it may be important to consider.

Virgo - While new things are coming, right now you will have to be patient while you are waiting. What emotional blocks are in your distant past need to be dealt with.

Libra - While you still may be facing issues with family, home or both, patience will be your friend. Yes, things will change for the better, but, for now, it is important to go with the flow of others.

Scorpio - All of your hard work begins to pay off this week. While you still may feel a little trapped, use this time to practice being calm.

Sagittarius - Your personal finances will be on your mind this week. It's okay to think about them so that when the time is right you will have a plan.

Capricorn - Assess those old habits of yours that are blocking major progress. Do you really need them when they are no longer working to your advantage?

Aquarius - If others haven't been hearing you, this is your week. Use your natural teaching ability to your advantage this week.

Pisces - Your high intuition may come in handy this week as you try to resolve some old issues. Trust that small voice within.

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