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Jeanne's horoscopes Feb 9

Jeanne's horoscopes Feb 9
Jeanne's horoscopes Feb 9

Aries - Valentine's Day is very lucky for love. Try to be more open minded this week.

Taurus - Keep it simple as the week unfolds. This will help with any demands you may be facing.

Gemini - Take advantage of the fun you can create this week with friends and family. The stars are shining on you.

Cancer - Keep your chin up in the confidence area throughout this week. Try to quiet your over zealous mind by exercise and meditation. Make time just for you with something you really enjoy.

Leo - With the full moon in your sign this week, you may be feeling more emotional than usual. Think things through before blaming others.

Virgo - The past will be on your mind more than usual this week. If you must think about the past, try finishing up old business which will free your mind up.

Libra - If you have felt anxious over the last few weeks, getting out with friends you enjoy will do wonders.

Scorpio - Things under your emotional surface may come up this week. Take time to evaluate and share your feelings with someone close.

Sagittarius - It's ok to think about your budget this week - just watch your spending very closely.

Capricorn - Don't be afraid or let pride get in the way this week. You can ask for support at work and get it.

Aquarius - If you have trouble expressing your emotions - this week puts you on notice. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable especially in a close relationship.

Pisces - You might be doubting yourself this week. This is a good time to evaluate where you are and where you have come from. It will give you perspective to move forward.

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