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Jeanne's horoscopes Feb 2

Love horoscopes Feb 2-8
Love horoscopes Feb 2-8

Aries - Keep your emotions in check this week as you may be revisiting an issue that has to do with the past.

Taurus - If you are in love, this cold be your week to push through a barrier. Use your creative power as it will be in high gear this week.

Gemini - Your ideas are front and center as you move through this week. Be sure to consider if it is set in reality.

Cancer - Your natural generosity will shine through this week and won't go unnoticed.

Leo - You are about to turn a corner. You may be facing an important lesson in a relationship.

Virgo - You may change how you think of a long-standing relationship. Let things ride until they clear up next week.

Libra - You may decide that this is the week to start that diet or exercise program long overdo.

Scorpio - Trust your intuition when it comes to a relationship; it is in high gear this week.

Sagittarius - If you've been thinking about a new electronic device, this is the week to pursue it. Things may seem a little slower than you are used to.

Capricorn - This is your week to socialize and just plain have fun. Plan that party; you won't regret it!

Aquarius - A more serious and reflective attitude keeps you wanting to be alone. This is just the opposite of what you need - get out there and socialize.

Pisces - Mercury retrograde is coming to your sign later this week. Patience is your key for the rest of the month.

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