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Jeanne's Horoscopes Feb 23

Jeanne's horoscopes this week
Jeanne's horoscopes this week

Aries - Expect the unexpected this week. Take charge of your circumstances while being aware of the impact on others.

Taurus - If you have been facing delays, they will ease up this week. Trust your intuition.

Gemini - Be careful of jumping into another person's shoes. Think before action this week.

Cancer - If you have wanted to start something you've had in the back of your mind, this is the week to begin.

Leo - You may be needed by someone close this week. It is ok to let your hair down and be vulnerable.

Virgo - Try not to over-analyze your circumstances this week. Relax, go with the flow and offer your services; you will be rewarded.

Libra - Your creative energy is in high gear as the week progresses. Use it to finish up those unfinished plans and projects.

Scorpio - If you have wanted to start a new direction with someone close to you, this is the time to begin.

Sagittarius - Don't let your feelings get hurt by others this week by those who bring up old hurts. Bite your tongue for a few days.

Capricorn - Be aware of what it is like to be that other person who is in distress. Kind words and understanding will go a long way to improve the situation.

Aquarius - Don't let financial concerns rule or ruin your week. You can begin to let go of old plans to make room for the new ones coming.

Pisces - If this is your birthday week, you'll be empowered by a new moon. Start something new!

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