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Jeanne's horoscopes Aug 9

psychic readings,horoscopes,tarot readings
psychic readings,horoscopes,tarot readings
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What is happening in the stars this week?

Aries - Your burst of energy this week will be best suited for creative projects and ideas.

Taurus - This is a great time to get together with family and friends. Take what others say with a grain of salt.

Gemini - Happy days are here again! Sharing your deepest feelings will release some tension.

Cancer - You may find discussing your finances with your partner. All is well under this full moon. Just finish up those projects that have been put aside over the last few weeks.

Leo - This is a great week for you and has been a long time coming. Time to plan for your future!

Virgo - Keep your balance when discussing an important matter with those close to you this week.

Libra - This is a good week to speak what's been on your mind. Others will be more receptive than they have been in the past.

Scorpio - If you been thinking about changes in your career, this is a good time to begin the search.

Sagittarius - Now that things are moving along again, get out and have a good time - socializing is favored.

Capricorn - An important relationship is favored this week. Balance is the key between work and play.

Aquarius - This is a lucky time for you in romance. Take advantage of it while it lasts!

Pisces - It is time you got out doing things you most enjoy. You maybe thinking of taking a class or learning something new which is great because you will be rewarded for doing so down the road.

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