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Jeanne's horoscopes Aug 31

Jeanne's horoscopes Aug 6
Jeanne's horoscopes Aug 6
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What is happening in the stars for the week of August 31 to September 6, 2014?

ARIES – Get ready for things to break loose at your job suddenly. It is time to go with the flow and think before speaking.

TAURUS – Your relationships with people, especially legal ones, will continue to be tested. The large scale points to things happening for your own good in the long-term.

GEMINI – Music will help you relax this week. A good house-cleaning is in order, both spiritual and physically. You may be thinking of your future job possibilities.

CANCER – It’s time for a short vacation or at least a nature walk. It’s okay to be and feel a little selfish this week after all your giving to others this past few weeks.

LEO – The good times you’ve had this summer will continue into this week. Lay low for a few days if someone is irritating you. This is no time for confrontations which would spoil the good times ahead of you.

VIRGO – You can’t please everyone all of the time. Don’t worry about it. This, too, shall pass. Just give it a few days for them to adjust.

LIBRA – Put your organization skills to work this week. Your sense of being a part of a team is highlighted in a very positive way.

SCORPIO – Future opportunities are highlighted this week. Travel will give you a great break and quality time to spend with those that mean the most to you.

SAGITTARIUS – Good times are in the works this week as you will feel liberated by a good dose of happiness. Socializing should be very high on your list over the next few days.

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