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Jeanne's horoscopes Aug 24

horoscopes,psychic readings,tarot readings
horoscopes,psychic readings,tarot readings
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What is happening in the stars this week?

Aries - With the new moon on Monday, it is a great time to start something you've been putting on hold. If you are wanting a job change, now is the time to put it in motion.

Taurus - If you have been putting that short vacation on hold, this week is great for travel. Use your natural creativity this week on a project you've put aside.

Gemini - This new moon will put you in decision-making mode. Get out with family and friends, as you have been putting lots of time in at work.

Cancer - Family and friends are featured this week. Let the stress calm down by participating in some family gatherings.

Leo - This could be one of the best weeks of the summer for you. Be thankful for what you have, and don't worry about what you don't have.

Virgo - Be open to what others close to you have to say as it could open your horizons to things you had not previously considered.

Scorpio - A possible misunderstanding could happen with someone who is in charge or someone who thinks they are in charge. Silence could be your golden egg.

Sagittarius - If you are involved in a long distance romance, this is a great week for bonding even closer. These next few days will feature travel, even if it is just close to home.

Capricorn - Romance is in the air as you share a special moment with someone you really care about.

Aquarius - You may be faced with signing legal paperwork. Since it will involve your future, at least short-term, read the fine print before signing.

Pisces - It is a good time for romance and planning your future with someone you really care about.

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