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Jeanne's Horoscopes April 6-12

Jeanne's Free Horoscopes April 6-12
Jeanne's Free Horoscopes April 6-12

Aries - You are likely to be quite frustrated this week. Getting along with others, especially your mate, can put you on edge.

Taurus - When all those around you are pulling out their hair, you are the voice and reason of serenity in anxious times. It will be appreciated and not go unnoticed.

Gemini - Feeling scattered this week is part of your scene. Wait to resolve issues for a few days, especially with a romantic partner.

Cancer - For so long you've wanted change and right now you are in the midst of it. If you've been having some relationship issues, you'll find it easier to resolve than last week.

Leo - While you have a mixed bad of energies surrounding you, you'll still have a good time, even when others are going through change.

Virgo - Feeling closer to your loved one gives you a content feeling this week. Instead of starting something new, try finishing up things that need it.

Libra - Beware of suddenly being caught up in frustrating conversation or conflict. Even with all of that, you still may encounter an opportunity you were not expecting.

Scorpio - You may feeling like saying something which could spark an argument. Wait a few days and try again.

Sagittarius - Be careful of seeing situations with those close to you with rose-colored glasses. Power struggles about who's going to be the boss are on the horizon.

Capricorn - You've been in the midst of change for about a year and it is becoming quite apparent this week. Everything will have a way of working out, especially where finances are concerned. Not to worry so much!

Aquarius - Transforming what was into what is coming is where you are. Not everyone is changing at your rapid pace, so be patient.

Pisces - You probably are going to feel out of sorts this week and it is harder to cope than 'normal'. This too, shall pass.

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