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Jeanne's Horoscopes

Jeanne's Horoscopes April 13-19
Jeanne's Horoscopes April 13-19

What is happening in the stars for the week of April 13-19, 2014?

If you look at the chart of next week, it's a huge T-square. Part of the five times this happens 2013-2015 and an echo-response to that happened in 1966 (Uranus Pluto conjunction) that triggered the vision of the counter-culture. That's the stress. There is also a very positive emotional flow that also connects to this square in a double triangle kite shape.

We are in the thick of it now! Whatever is happening in your life needs to be embraced as the means and challenge to claim your true power. In all the areas where you, personally, or we, collectively, have lost our way, a dissatisfaction with what is brings us all to a crossroads. Be prepared to say good-bye to the past. The depths of despair and injury can become the raw material for a refusal to surrender love and hope. It’s time to move from victim to visionary. Personally, and as part of the life of the planet, there is a way through this mess. Wake up! Look around!

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