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Jeanne Robertson: Pink Night at Gateway Church

Last night was the quarterly women’s Pink Night at the Southlake campus of Gateway Church. A friend invited me to go with her since she attends that church, and I went, not really knowing what to expect. Well, except that with probably over a thousand women, the noise level may impair my hearing for a few hours. I was right. But last night’s theme, “Laugh: A Pink Night,” certainly lived up to its name. Beginning the night with a few skits that included silly songs and dancing, everyone was already in a giddy mood when it was time for the featured speaker, Jeanne Robertson.

Jeanne is a former Miss North Carolina from 1949, a Miss America contestant, and a woman to truly be looked up to...although standing at 6 feet 2 inches has a little bit to do with that, too. She is most definitely one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever heard. Check out the YouTube clips I’ve included so you’ll get a small taste of the hilarity of last night. Stories about her husband, who she has lovingly nicknamed “Left Brain,” gasp-inducing anecdotes about interesting things to do while on vacation in Canada, and stories about husbands that will having you rolling your eyes and shaking your head await you in any of her endless comical experiences that she tells in such a unique and breathtaking way. By breathtaking I mean that you’re laughing so hard you can no longer breathe correctly. Although gasps, hiccups, snorts, and tears were there in abundance. I wouldn’t recommend doing them all at the same time. I’ll definitely be checking her website to see if she’s coming back to the DFW area anytime soon!

For more information about Jeanne Robertson, check out her website:


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