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Jeanette Chasworth is the Color Whisperer and her new book is out now

What's Color Got To Do With It is a step by step guide to get turn your fear into fun and help you to select a paint color that you will love and you will love to live in.
What's Color Got To Do With It is a step by step guide to get turn your fear into fun and help you to select a paint color that you will love and you will love to live in.
Courtesy of Jeanette Chasworth

Jeanette Chasworth, is called The Color Whisperer for good reason. Her new book, What's Color Got To Do With It?, is a straight-forward yet moving account of how color affects our lives and we are thrilled to have her here for this interview.

Jeanette Chasworth, author and the Color Whisperer
Courtesy of Jeanette Chasworth

Q.: What was the impetus for your writing this book?

J.: Time and time again I have seen how much the impact of color used properly has changed someone's life: helped them through a tough time, healed physical and emotional issues, and created a sense of joy and comfort. I feel so passionately about this that I wanted to share it with people. This information is life transforming. I see so many people who are afraid of color and make big mistakes when painting. This book is meant to give them the confidence to find the color that gives them joy.

Q.: Do you think our color choices change as we get older?

J.: There is a part of us that intuitively knows what color we need. Have you ever suddenly gravitated toward another color in your wardrobe that you never wore before? Or maybe you bought that picture or piece of furniture that just called to you even though it wasn't something you would normally buy? Your body, your heart, was telling you what you needed. Unfortunately, listening to that little voice often gets pushed out by the stresses of life. We will gravitate towards the colors that we need to cope with the changes that happen in our lives. How much your colors change will depend on how much change occurs in your life.

" ...listening to that little voice ..."

Q.: What are some mistakes homeowners make when deciding to paint?

J.: The biggest mistake I see homeowners make is sticking to really boring colors. Painting the house Swiss Coffee because some magazine said it was good, or it's popular, or it supposedly helps the resale value of a home isn't a real choice. Each home is different, with different light and different energies. Just because it looks good in a magazine, doesn't mean it's going to look good in your home. Always use paint chips or even paint a large swatch on the wall.

Another mistake I see is that people think lighter is better. If a color isn't properly selected, even light colors can actually appear very dull and make a room uncomfortable. Don't look at where it sits on the paint chip but how much light it reflects, that's what is going to make your room feel bigger.

Q.: You refer to mood quite a lot in your book, What's Color Got to Do with It? Can you elaborate for readers?

J.: We are emotional beings, we aren't looking for shelter, we are looking for an experience. What do you want to FEEL in your home? Each color has a mood or story that it tells. Do you want a room that's peaceful or exciting? What story do you want to tell? Every item in your home is a character in that story and plays a part in it. Think about your favorite places, it's because of how they make you feel. Creating a home that reflects who you are restores you and is empowering on many levels.

Q.: What is the best way for renters to add color into their units?

J.: Fabric - Pillows, draperies, bedding, furniture are all key elements in directing the focus off the walls and the best place to add some personality. My first apartment was all white, and draped one wall with fabric, even if there wasn't any windows, just to add some color. Accessories are also a great way to add some color, particularly for those who are afraid of adding too much. Little splashes can add a lot to a room.

Q.: What about your connection to Acrylatex Coatings, a new venture?

J.: Acryalatex is a company that takes the paint that you bring to the recycling center and turns it into new paint at half the cost of traditional manufactured paint. I have worked with them to create a color palette especially designed for both for inside and outside paint projects. Each color has been chosen to work with many decors and moods and create a home that has personality and intrigue. We hope that this innovative product will help people in many different ways: saving money, keeping paint out of the landfills, and discovering the benefits of color in their home.

Q.: Is there anything you would like to tell Lifestyle Examiner Readers?

J.: Don't settle for ordinary, dare to be you and tell YOUR story in your home. This is your place to restore, rejuvenate and be yourself. It is your haven and you should treat it as such. In return, you will enjoy a higher quality of life and more joy in your world.

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