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Jean Segura of Brewers: Learns 9-month-old son died from teammate at game Friday

Jean Segura of the Brewer's learned his 9-month-old son had died after Friday night's game.
Jean Segura of the Brewer's learned his 9-month-old son had died after Friday night's game.

Friday night Jean Segura played the game of baseball against the Cardinals thinking everything was alright in his world. Immediately following the game, the Milwaukee Brewers shortstop was told that his nine-month-old son had died. There is no news that can be any more devastating than learning that you’ve lost a child and he was so far away from home when it happened.

According to Fox Sports News on July 12, when tragedy struck, Segura was far away from home, which is the Dominican Republic, so it wasn’t as if he could rush to his wife’s side when he learned of his baby’s death. He has since left for home and put on bereavement leave.

The team has called Elian Herrera from the Triple-A Nashville to fill his spot for now. Segura’s mother and uncle were with him here in American when he received the news, so at least he had some family around him.

The team wanted to consul him and be there for him, as they felt this death as if it were part of their own immediate family. Brewer’s manager Ron Roenicke said that Segura learned of his son’s death from one of his teammates. According to the Yardbarker Sports News today, Segura returned back home to be with his wife.

Segura’s wife had called and told his mother and his mother told one of the wives of the players and it was that player that delivered the horrendous news to his teammate. As Roenicke said, Segura took the field Friday night thinking everything was fine and sadly that changed in a matter of minutes.

His baby son was sick, but Roenicke said Segura was on the phone before the game yesterday with his wife and the baby was getting better. He thought things were going to be OK.

No one is sure if Segura’s son had been sick for months or for days, but he did say that his son was sick. It didn’t seem as if Segura thought that death was even a consideration with his son’s prognosis.

Roenicke informed the media Friday night of Segura’s son’s passing. He didn’t take any questions and out of respect he closed the clubhouse. Roenicke was visibly upset over the news.

The manager has no idea when Roenicke will return, he might be one of those guys who wants to throw himself immediately back in the game or he might end up finding that he just can’t do it because he is too distraught. For now it is an open-ended leave for the shortstop. The team wants to give him all the time he needs.

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