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Jean Paul San Pedro - a man in balance

Jean Paul San Pedro
Jean Paul San Pedro

It takes more, much more, than raw talent and good looks to “make it” in the world of professional acting. Sure you have to have talent and good looks don’t hurt, but it takes oh so much more. Primarily it takes an abundance of unrelenting passion and believe it or not a well developed sense of reality. Yes I said that “reality” and “acting” both must coexist for any chance of true success. I found these qualities in abundance when I recently met Jean Paul San Pedro.

Jean Paul San Pedro comes from a Cuban immigrant family in Miami, Florida. As a young man he developed an interest in acting. So in 1999 Jean Paul San Pedro auditioned for and was invited to study at the prestigious American Academy of Performing Arts, a school whose alma mater includes 96 Oscar nominees, 245 Emmy nominees and 86 Tony Award nominees. Indeed many of today’s A list actors studied at the American Academy of Performing Arts.

But with an aggressive nature typical of most young men Jean Paul San Pedro auditioned for a role in the television soap opera “As the World Turns” and to his utter amazement and total surprise he landed a recurring role. Doing so was, however, in violation of school rules. Oops! That caused him to leave his great school and leap straight into the coveted position of a true working actor.

Now it was time for lesson number one, no acting job lasts forever. After six episodes Jean Paul’s career with “As the World Turns” ended and he soon left New York and returned to Miami. But not at all willing to step down he quickly landed work with local (Miami) Spanish language television. At this point it occurred to Jean Paul San Pedro that having some solid academic credentials would help him move ahead but he did not want to spend four years getting a degree. I understand his view having shared it, so to the total amazement of his friends Jean Paul San Pedro earned his Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University in only two years. He majored in Communications and minored in Psychology, two important areas of study for his career plans.

One of his first feature films, “Exploring Love” was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival and ultimately received worldwide distribution.

By the time Jean Paul San Pedro had made the inevitable move to Hollywood he had come to understand that a real life means actually living and not just acting. He had also come to understand that the often over the top if exhilarating party life he had come to enjoy in New York and Miami had far too many negatives to continue. Armed with that wisdom Jean Paul San Pedro became deeply involved in physical fitness. That quickly led to his formation of a company, “Complete Universal Training a/k/a CUT Nation.”

Jean Paul San Pedro justifiably prides himself on using his talents to help many others, some of whom are well known actors, achieve better, stronger and healthier lifestyles. He employs the internet; DVD’s and even a hands on “Boot Camp” program in Burbank, California. His rapidly growing cadres of devotees loudly praise his work.

His focus on physical fitness has in no way diminished his pursuit of further professional acting. You can check out Jean Paul San Pedro and his “Cut Nation” work on Facebook at: To review and follow his acting career you can visit:

Look at the whole picture and I am sure you will discover a man of immense talent backed by a solid record of real achievement. Jean Paul San Pedro is precisely the kind of man who can ultimate achieve super star status because he absolutely has the talent and drive but most of all he has a grasp on the vital need for balance in all aspects of life.

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Copyright 2014 Ron Irwin

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