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Jealous boyfriend murders girlfriend in parking lot before committing suicide

Aja Robinson
Aja Robinson

Aja Robinson, 23, of South Carolina was murdered in cold blood by Jeremy Mickens, 25, in a parking lot. After shooting Robinson, Mickens turned the gun on himself.

There was an apparent love triangle, with Robinson torn between Mickens and a new unnamed male friend. As Mickens had already proved himself to be obsessive the news of Robinson's new beau is likely the straw which pushed the man over the edge.

Family members on both sides of the tragedy say they saw trouble coming, but no one could have predicted what Mickens would do. According to Robinson's family said, "Jeremy Mickens held her on a pedestal and had grown possessive." Mickens own mother corroborated his obsession with Robinson. She spoke about a conversation she had with her son and his obsession with Robinson, "If you’re going to be worrying yourself to death about where Aja is going and what Aja is doing, maybe you need to break up with her. She isn’t going to remember to call you all the time. You can’t place that on somebody."

If only Mickens had heeded his mother's advice, but he did not. Now Robinson's cash strapped family is left with cleaning up the mess and dealing with their own broken hearts. A fund has been set up so interested members of the public may donate to help subsidize the costs. The family is openly broke.

Sara Finley, Robinson's grandmother, said this, "What people need to know is that as a family, we don't have two nickels to rub together but we were millionaires when it came to love. We loved each other. We loved each other, we brought our kids up to love each other, to love other people, to care about other people and she didn't deserve to leave this world this way."

This truly was a senseless tragedy.

Please click here to donate to Aja Robinson's memorial fund.

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