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JE Double F raises H-E-double hockey sticks at Phil’s Radiator

JE Double F raises H-E-double hockey sticks at Phil’s Radiator.
JE Double F raises H-E-double hockey sticks at Phil’s Radiator.
Sareth Ney/

PUEBLO, Colo.—JE Double F continued his tour with a stop at Phil’s Radiator, on May 24. He was the direct support. Div_der, Despicable Dialects and Mooncrusher were the opening acts. Creep Status was the headliner. DJ Dick Muscles was the disc jockey accompanying JE Double F.

JE Double F raises H-E-double hockey sticks at Phil’s Radiator.
Sareth Ney

As JE Double F paced back and forth on stage, he greeted the crowd and encouraged everyone to move around. He mentioned he was looking forward to seeing Creep Status perform and to mosh with the audience, before he began his recital with “Graveyard State” and stated he was from N.J. As he continued to pace around stage, he provided the vocals. Later, he paused near the center of the stage and knelt on one knee and continued to rap.

DJ Dick Muscles let the first instrumental continue on. While he did so, he replaced the left vinyl with a new one and rested the old one on the ground. JE Double F reminded the audience he was from N.J., before he continued his concert with “Be Yourself By Yourself”. After the song came to an end—he took out his smartphone, spoke of the usage of text messaging, how it was the most common use of communication, let out a sigh and continued his performance with “Third Mall From The Sun”.

Before the start of “Nightscare”, DJ Dick Muscles’ hair made it difficult for him to see what he was mixing. He removed his headphones from around his neck, slid them on from the front to the middle, placed the earphones on top of his ears and continued. His vision was cleared; he was able to find the microphone again and assisted JE Double F with backup vocals. Shortly after, JE Double F removed his shirt and continued on with the recital.

Prior to “Copy of a Copy”, JE Double F introduced DJ Dick Muscles by referring him to by his initials. Afterwards, he mentioned they had completed 25 days of their tour and had seven left to go. He gave a shout out to Creep Status again and acknowledged the band’s drummer, Anthony Soto, from the stage. During the chorus, DJ Dick Muscles accompanied him on the backup vocals. JE Double F ended the song by singing the chorus of Danzig’s “Mother”. Then, he ended his concert with “Brood”.

“American Scream” and “Mannequin” were also part of JE Double F’s set.