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JBLM Soldier guilty of leaving two preschool children ‘home alone’

JBLM Soldier guilty of leaving two preschool children ‘home alone’
JBLM Soldier guilty of leaving two preschool children ‘home alone’

Yesterday a Pierce County Superior Court judge found JBLM Soldier Quinton Dublin, 25, guilty of two counts of “criminal mistreatment” of his two children, ages 3 and 5.

Judge Vicki Hogan wasn’t buying Dublin’s claims that he left the kids alone for weeks “out of pride”, refusing to admit that he wasn’t able to adequately be a single dad. The children’s mother lives in Kansas.

The horrible squalor and neglect was discovered in November, 2013, when a maintenance worker went to Dublin’s apartment to fix a massive leak coming from the bathroom.

The flooding, dirty diapers, garbage, and rotted food were the least of the issues that day considering the two preschoolers had been left alone to fend for themselves for weeks on end.

Dublin’s defense was that he didn’t want to admit that his children “needed more than he could provide.”

The children were removed from the home and returned to their mother when the deplorable living conditions were discovered.

Sentencing in this case will be next month. Wisely, Dublin, decided at the last minute not to speak on his own behalf.

Examiner’s Note: With some digging, the real crux of this matter is more than likely, Dublin didn’t want the children’s mother to get custody of the kids. When pride, arrogance, and ignorance come together and children are involved, it becomes criminal. By the grace of God these children are still alive.

Of note, only KOMO News in Seattle identified this man as a Soldier. All other news sources said, "the Lakewood man worked at JBLM."

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