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Jazzy Abi...McGaha Miller

Abi McGaha Miller
Abi McGaha Miller
Courtesy Abi McGaha Miller

    Abi McGaha Miller is one of Denver’s brightest new stars within the jazz, blues, and soul communities. This musical Renaissance woman can not only play you into a silky smooth trance with her saxophone, but she can also get you all jazzed up with the clarinet, piano, guitar, and cello. On top of playing five instruments, Abi has a voice that shakes the soul from its very core, and reminds us all of what the blues really mean. While juggling two bands, Abi still manages a great career as a middle school band teacher.
     Abi sings, and plays the sax, clarinet, and keys in her main band, Abi and the Blue Language. She is backed by fellow musical geniuses; Mike Golas on guitar, Zach Antonio on bass, and Zack Morris on drums. This amazing quartet is one band that should not be missed, and lucky for Denverits, there is always a chance to catch them. And be expecting a great EP on the horizon. Abi can also be heard singing and playing the sax and clarinet with experimental band, The Tanukis. Don’t forget about their upcoming show on January 9th at the Walnut Room.

Check out Abi and the Blue Language on myspace for upcoming shows, music, and news.

And of course don’t forget about The Tanukis.

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