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Jazz, R&b and soft hits make Miami Vice a cultural icon

For many, Miami Vice is still unlike any ‘cops and robbers’ television series, ever. Miami Vice is still new wave culture, trendy fashions and the most popular music. Many of the songs in the episodes of Miami Vice are jazz, r&b and soft hits. In many ways, the music and the episodes are one of the same and ultimately define their story lines and the series.

Jazz, R&b and Soft Hits made Miami Vice a cultural sensation
NewporterJazz |

What still makes Miami Vice a popular television series today? It is the music in the genres of jazz, r&b and soft hits. Many of the songs are compliments from artists such as Gato Barbieri, George Benson, Gypsy Kings, Aaron Neville and Tina Turner, to name a few. Musicians appear as guest characters in many episodes such as Eartha Kitt, El Debarge, Isaac Hayes, Little Richard, Miles Davis, Phil Collins, and Sheena Easton, to name a few more. Jan Hammer’s sound is synonymous with Miami Vice.

Current television shows still borrow cues from the success of Miami Vice. New songs and popular classic songs still are integrated into scenes and help narrate the story line to their episodes.

Enjoy the music videos of Miami Vice. Tune in beginning February 1st to NewporterJazz and enjoy the music of Miami Vice. Three plus decades later, Miami Vice and its music still commands a captive audience.

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