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Jazz Appreciation in Baltimore's Little Italy

“Stella By Starlight”, “Harlem Nocturn”, “Body and Soul”,” Tangerine”, Nat King Cole, Jimmy Dorsey, “Silver Bells” “Never Let Me Go”

Hi, hip, horaah! Charisma Wooten performs as  Moms (Jackie) Mabely in March.
Color in food and music:Little Italy.

The list goes on and on, of hit music, musicians, and films that dotted the lives of the 21st century seniors, who were young in the 1940’s and 50’s. It was an occasion in “Little Italy Baltimore”, where guests were invited to hear such vintage music, drink wine and eat dinner at Germano’s.

Supplying the music was the Cold Spring Jazz Quartet, led by Mark Osteen who did vocals and saxophone, supported by Anthony Villa (piano) Gary Kerner (Bass), and Greg Mack (drums).

What was unique about this experience was watching film clips, then hearing the band give or redo the Jazz interpretations of those melodies; for example, Coleman Hawkins rendition of music for Body and Soul, and Nat King Cole’s take on Mona Lisa.

With Proseco, Moscato and Chianti flowing, Humbold and Fog with Graeta Olives and cheeses, the cabaret was complete.

The upcoming events are worth considering, with Jennifer Blades for Valentines', and Charisma Wooten playing Moms Mabley in March.

Mark called his jazz presentation a film noir. Little Italy is in the heart of the “noir” of Baltimore, nice to see the appreciation.

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