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Jazmine Trammell was brutally stabbed

Jazmine Trammell: Murdered
NY Daily News

Jazmine Trammell's body was found at 5 pm on March 23, in a 4'6" wooden chest from Lane, which was placed near a dumpster at the Maison Gardens Apartments. Her family last saw her at 9 am on the morning she disappeared, and her mother spoke to her around 10 am. What happened to her after that is still unclear.

Police said that the 24-year-old was stabbed "all over." The nature of her murder is very personal, committed by someone very angry, making it likely that it was someone that was known to her, rather than a random killing by a stranger. No one has been arrested in Jazmine's murder, though a woman in the apartment complex claims she saw a man dragging the chest when she left for church.

Jazmine was arrested just 4 days ago at a local motel, where she had been staying for at least 2 weeks. In her possession was nearly $2000 in cash, an undisclosed amount of marijuana, and a gun. Does her murder have anything to do with her arrest? With those conditions, it seems hard to believe otherwise. Clearly she was involved with the way wrong people, and it's likely the reason she is now dead.

Hopefully police will find something that will lead them to Jazmine's killer. Being young and making foolish mistakes is not necessarily a crime. Killing someone is. Regardless of the circumstances, she was a person, and she deserves justice.

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