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Jay-Z & Kanye West perform "Paris" 10 times in Los Angeles

Hip-Hop legends Jay-Z and Kanye West took the stage for night three of the Watch The Throne tour at Staples Center Tuesday night, upping the ante on how many times they would perform their hit single "Niggas In Paris". The plan was to surpass the record set on Monday night: 9 times in a row. The reasoning? Aside from catering to a beyond hyped up crowd of 18,000, they were shooting the video to the #1 album's most popular single.

Night three of the Watch The Throne tour in Los Angeles

"Ya'll know we're shooting a video for Niggas In Paris tonight right?" Kanye asked the crowd.

Jay-Z added, "We didn't shoot a video yesterday. We didn't shoot a video the day before. We didn't shoot a video in New York City. We didn't shoot a video in Chicago. We're gonna shoot this ---- in Los Angeles."

To no surprise, the fans grew increasingly louder the more times the song was performed. Ending at a record breaking 10 times in a row, Los Angeles' Tuesday night Watch The Throne tour audience left the venue satisfied.

The song, which has received more than it's share of radio spins, was produced by Los Angeles based producer Hit Boy.


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