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Jay-Z: financial mogul to philanthropist


Jay-Z retired from hip-hop in 2004 at a sold-out epic that was immortalized in the documentary Fade to Black. Since then he has been a prolific artist, attempting to rekindle the flames of true hip-hop. Many fans have been left questioning the sincerity of Jay-Z's farewell show at Madison Square Garden. On September 11th 2009 he will be performing a televised promotional campaign at MSG for the families effected by the tragedies on that fateful day in New York City less than a decade ago.

At first glance this strikes Jay-Z loyalists as selfish but upon further research it appears that he is attempting to give back instead of take more. As one of the most successful artists and businessman in America he has been regarded as a personification of the American dream. Jay-Z is clearly changing his image on a local and global scale. As a community that prides itself on self sustenance and compassion Burlington should embrace this upcoming performance. If his efforts are a success there may be future endeavors. Jay-Z has been intimately engaged with an international program to ensure safe drinking water for third world communities. With Jay-Z's popularity and his new scope water towers could be erected in more cites that Angola. "Answer the Call" and help support those families closest to 9/11. On Friday we, as a community of Americans, will come together and celebrate our perseverance and tomorrow we will come together as an international community and address access to clean drinking water.