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Jay Z, Beyonce, Blue Ivy fake family hug: Body language experts not fooled

Beyonce and Jay Z went out of their way to give the appearance of a happy loving couple at the VMAs, but body language experts were not fooled. An analysis by 2 different body language experts reveals hidden marriage tension and worse between the two.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

At first glance, this picture of Beyonce, Jay Z hugging shows a happy family, but body language experts say the loving scene is not what it appears to be. On behalf of separate media outlets, two body language experts insist that the scene is contrived, and that close examination reveals marital tension and a lack of real emotion between Beyonce and Jay Z. According to the International Business Times on Aug. 29, a noted body language expert told the New York Post that the hug shared by Beyonce, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy is a fake.

Beyonce and Jay Z give the appearance of being a happy couple with a solid marriage, according to a report from on Aug. 31. However, after analyzing both a video of the Carter family hug, as well as a widely publicized photo of Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy at the MTV Video Music Awards, body language experts Susan Constantine and Dr. Lillian Glass both reached similar conclusions.

Susan Constantine told the New York Post the interaction between Beyonce and Jay Z shows that they feel no real emotions toward each other. Her impression was that "they're just trying to save face."

On behalf of Hollywood Life, Dr. Glass says although Beyonce and Jay Z are trying to give the appearance of a happy family, their body language toward one another shows a secret tension between them. Dr. Glass further observes that Beyonce’s body language is stiff, and that it “like they use Blue Ivy as a prop to show that their marriage is intact.” Indeed this observation coincides with the fact that Beyonce has responded to each new divorce rumor by posting photos of Blue Ivy alone, or with one or both of her parents on her Instagram account.

Constantine says she sees “a lot of hurt and pain.” She observes that Jay Z and Beyonce are completely distant and that their minds are on something else. She further states that Beyonce appears really uncomfortable, displays a false smile, and that her body indicates that she might be going through emotional trauma and hasn’t reached the acceptance stage yet. Constantine adds that Jay Z has no real expression on his face, but appears to be less strained than his wife.

Dr. Glass observes that with Beyonce and Jay Z, there is no joy reflected to each other. When Jay Z is talking into the microphone, Beyonce doesn’t lean towards him, which is a clear indication, even to the naked eye that "something is going on deep down.” Dr. Glass also states that the kiss seems more like a “contrived” move. Beyonce is holding onto Blue Ivy, while also pulling away from Jay Z. Her head and body look stiff, she’s not leaning into him, and the whole thing is too contrived.

Basing her analysis on a picture similar to the one above, Constantine made a similar observation. She noted that Beyonce’s hips are angled away from Jay Z indicating disassociation, and adds that in older photos of the couple (presumably from happier times) Beyonce is leaning into Jay Z.

To many fans, viewers, and the two body language experts, the whole family hug scenario appeared to be “something cooked up in a PR boardroom” in an effort to counter the rumors of imminent divorce. But since multiple media outlets reported numerous times prior to the Music Video Video Awards that Beyonce was planning to do something that would address the divorce rumors during her performance, no one should really be surprised.

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