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Jay-Z and Beyoncé relationship issues reportedly fueled the Solange fight

Is there really trouble in paradise for Jay-Z and Beyonce?
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Friday’s gossip mill is rampant with Jay-Z and Beyoncé relationship rumors, which is now the so-called reason behind the Solange elevator beat down says OK! According to an anonymous source of the magazine, there is alleged trouble in paradise, and Beyoncé’s younger sister was merely defending Bey from the suspected wandering eye of Jay-Z.

Solange’s assault on Jay-Z was reportedly a result of a night full of Mr. Carter not behaving like a respectable husband should. On May 5, Rachel Roy, possibly an old flame of Jay-Z and ex-wife of his former business partner, also attended the Met Gala in New York City with the power couple. The OK! trouble-stirrer claims Jay-Z “spent a lot of time at the party talking with Roy,” a fact that irked Solange as she’s always been suspect of his loyalty to Beyoncé. Solange warned Rachel to back off, but the source reported Jay found out and “he lit into her.” This incensed Solange who felt Jay-Z was defending Rachel in front of his wife.

Later that evening, Jay-Z attended Rihanna’s party, where Rachel Roy was also a guest. There has always been a shadow of doubt around Jay-Z and Rihanna's relationship, which was the icing on the cake for Solange. According to the source, “Solange told him he needed to act like a married man and go home with his wife instead.” He didn’t, hence the fight in the elevator with Beyoncé remaining still as Solange kicked and swung at her husband.

The informant told OK! that “Jay and Bey go to public events and put on a good front that they are happily married,” however they “have been on the verge of divorce for the last year.” Beyoncé is reportedly unhappy with the fact that her husband of six years doesn’t spend enough time with the family and would rather work and go to clubs. And then there are the infidelity rumors that have always plagued Jay-Z.

The source said the public statement made after the elevator incident was simply a façade. Management of the mega-couple has allegedly dictated Jay-Z and Beyoncé “maintain a united front” to "save their joint summer tour.” If the relationship rumors are true, then it would appear "cigars on ice" is about to ring true for Jay.

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