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Jay Adah - The Making of a Male Model

Jay Adah, 22, is a Lynchburg native and professional model.
Jay Adah, 22, is a Lynchburg native and professional model.
Courtesy Kenius Entertainment

The foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is probably not the first place someone starts to search for the next super model, but central Virginia has produced one with a bright future ahead.

A quick look at 22-year old Jay Adah of Lynchburg proves he has the chops to make it in one of the most competative businesses if it relied solely upon looks. But, Adah is not your typical male model.

“I’ve always wanted to (model),” he said. “It was 2012 when I really made the decision to do it.”

Adah excelled in high school, participating in school drama projects and even a gospel production that never made it past the pre-production stage. “I was going to do this gospel play…we rehearsed for a couple months, but it never went beyond that.”

That was enough to deepen Adah’s interest in the performing arts. But it was a workout buddy at the local YMCA that sparked his interest in modeling.

“My dad really was the one who got me into working out,” Adah said. “But a friend of mine told me one day at the YMCA that I needed to check out modeling.” Adah said he had the physique at that point, but needed to add more muscle mass to complete his 5′ 10″ frame.

Adah credits his father with setting the right example all during his pre-teen years. “We did pushups, squats, sit ups…basically everything,” he said. “My dad is in excellent shape and he’s very competative…Being fit is part of wanting to be the best…and my family is very competative.”

“All that work has helped me all my life,” Adah said. “I played a lot of sports and still do. Being in shape has always helped me in that.”

It was not just bulging muscles or a chizzled physique that drew him to fitness or to regional bodybuilder competitions. “What I do is because I fell in love with working out…to live healthier and to live longer,” he said.

In 2012 Adah entered the Iron Mountain Classic bodybuilding and fitness competition. More than 200 participants were involved in the Virginia regional competition.

“I did really well there,” Adah said. He placed third in the regionals, but nearly won the competition outright. “I was told I would have won the (regionals), except that I was wearing too loose of clothing in the final round of judging.”

Not winning the competition did not deter Adah from pursuing other opportunities. “Winning the Iron Man wasn’t all that,” he said. “There are lots of other opportunities ahead and I’m excited about those.”

Adah is not all looks–there is a deep intellect burning inside as well. He has a natural interest in fashion and prides himself on what he wears and how he puts a look together.“I’m known for all that,” he said, as he twisted the end of his necktie. “I actually design clothes and one day I’ll have my own line as soon as I connect to the right person.”

His look is definitely unique–trendy, youthful, daring at times. “I’m in love with fashion,” he said with a smile. “Ninety percent of the time, I’m wearing a tie.” I suggested he create a line of neckties and he smiled. “You never know.”

The Lynchburg native was born and raised in central Virginia. Adah cites his parents as the biggest influences in his life. “I was raised in the projects,” he said confidently. “My parents worked hard and did what they could for us kids…getting in trouble was something I never was interested in.”

Adah saw friends and neighborhood schoolmates have constant trouble with the law and he decided it was not the course he would take. “I turned to sports, working out and acting…those are my passions.”

There is never a dull moment for Adah these days. He is actively seeking photographers to collaborate with on new projects and keeping his options open. “My next step is to start working with different photographers around the country and networking more. I need to get my name out there and gain some credibility.”

Adah will soon release a full-size beefcake poster. “We’re pretty excited about that,” he said. When asked for details about the poster, he gave me his customary smile. “You’ll just have to buy it and see,” he said.

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