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Jawbone releases new Era bluetooth headset

Jawbone unveils new Era bluetooth headset
Jawbone unveils new Era bluetooth headset
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On Thursday, Jawbone released its new Era bluetooth headset. Although these have gone out of style, Jawbone has decided to go back to its roots and scrap the other four bluetooth headsets and replace it with just this one.

The device has a single button for controlling calls, activating Siri, and moving through your music library. A charge case that comes with the headset will allow you to connect a second battery to it, and the company expects the device to last at least a whole day per charge.

One neat feature that the device boasts is a remotely activated ping to help you find your lost Era. You can activate it from a Jawbone app on your phone and it will let out a loud noise to help you locate the device. Obviously this won't help if you left it at work or at the mall, but it can be handy for if you drop it into your couch, since the device is so small.

The fact that they scrapped their other models could indicate their acceptance of the end of bluetooth headsets, but they want to keep to their roots and continue to offer at least one.

In addition to making headsets, Jawbone had also moved into personal fitness, with its UP fitness tracker, and speakers, with its high-end Jambox line.

What do you think about Jawbone ditching their other bluetooth headsets and offering only the new Era? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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