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Jawbone offers new technology for National Sleep Week

Wake up!

Companies like Jawbone are celebrating Sleep Awareness Week
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It's National Sleep Week, so are we all getting enough sleep?

Probably not, but Jawbone, the company that makes wearable technology and audio devices that solve our everyday problems and help us live our lives better has some interesting data and some new technology to show off.

The Jawbone Up! is one of my favorite gadgets and the way it measures your sleep is scary accurate.

Let's start out with one important fact.

It is said, sleep is affected by looking at your phone before you go to bed. Did you know it reduces sleep by 13 minutes? That’s an hour and a half every week or sleep you can't or won't get back.

Jawbone has done their research and has analyzed the data of more than 1,600 Jawbone UP wearers and more than 5,000 nights of sleep between August and October 2013.

Per Jawbone, here is what they uncovered.

- Seven is the magic number: On average, members of the UP community who got at least seven hours of sleep were 30% more likely to report feeling rested the next day.

- Those who got seven hours were significantly more likely to report feeling optimistic, patient, focused, productive, and attractive.

- Sleep quality matters as much as sleep quantity in particular Sound Sleep – the moments of sleep when your body is particularly still.

- Twenty-five percent of us have trouble falling asleep. Stress is a leading cause; kids aren’t

- One quarter of UP wearers in the study reported difficulty falling asleep. Of those:

- The kid factor: Only 3% of those who reported difficulty falling asleep attribute their sleep issues to noisiness or to children. Temperature: 20% to room temperature – too hot, or too cold

Let's look at some new technology from Jawbone:

UP Coffee

This is a brand new app from Jawbone called UP Coffee, and it's free for your iOS device. It will give you a virtual idea of your caffeine choices- comparing caffeine intake and projected sleep time. You don’t have to have an Jawbone UP band to use UP Coffee. Just download it on to your iOS device.

UP 3.1 for iOS

Jawbone is also is showing off a new UP 3.1 app for iOS which gives insights into how your sleep and activity affect one another, like every 30 minutes earlier you go to bed, you step 800 more steps per day. It will also give you reminders so you can get more sleep.

The UP by Jawbone 3.1 app for iOS will be available this week as a free download from the App Store. UP Coffee for iOS 7 is available now as a free download from the App Store. The UP or UP24 wristband is required for the UP 3.1 App.

Go to for more information.

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