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Jasuko of A.S. Enterprise

Hartford, CT - There are so many talented musicians in Connecticut. The Hartford area is flooded with artists who are trying to get their names out. With the competition so thick it is imperative to either work on your talent so hard that your determination and drive illuminates you; or you have to be multi-talented so you can franchise yourself in many media outlets.

Tracy Miller
Tracy Miller
Photo and graphics by Jasuko Blazze
Jasuko / A.S. Enterprise

Julian Henderson also known as Jasuko Blazze is an up-in-coming rapper out of Hartford, but that is just what he does in his spare time. He is also a successful business owner of a thriving multi-media company in Hartford called A.S. Enterprise. His amazing photographs put him on the radar back around 2004. Since  then his company has gone on to produce graphic designs for artists and magazines, music videos, and short films.

Jasuko is a name that you will hear soon if you have not already. Julian's keen sense of media needs and his artistic mind has hand crafted a lucrative business that has been growing rapidly throughout the state. A.S. Enterprise offers an array of media needs that can professionally package your brand for the industries toughest critics. Now, that Julian has signed on to Cash Squad you will surely begin to see more music and music videos from him.

If you are an artist in need of photographs for events, weddings, press kits, portfolios, videos or graphics make sure you get in touch with him now; his calendar is always tight so find out about your booking today. You can also check out his website or email him at

Below check out the latest music video by A.S. Enterprise and some photos by Jasuko.


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