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Jason Priestley talks Brad Pitt, Shannon Doherty and more

Jason Priestley
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Jason Priestley is speaking out and talking about all of the people he has worked with in the past. On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter shared about some of the stuff he had to say about them. He probably should have stayed quiet considering he is dishing on everyone.

This is all stuff you can find in his new book "Jason Priestly: A Memoir." He talks about how he came home to find some tall skinny guy sleeping in his bed. It turns out that it was Brad Pitt. He was crashing with his roommate and was a nobody actor at the time trying to hit it big. They were all broke at the time and Brad was dating Geena Davis in secret.

He also shared that the cast of "90210" was hooking up with each other. This does happen on a lot of shows. He also said that Shannon Doherty was a diva and makes it sound like she was hard to work with honestly. Tori Spelling sold his wedding invitation at a garage sale for $5 and he wasn't happy about that either.

If you want to hear everything that Jason Priestley has to say, you will want to check out his new book. It is full of a lot of reveals and will be a bit shocking to hear it all.

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