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Jason Moon declares himself the choice candidate

Jason Moon, administrator at 21st Century Oncology and in the running for the Florida House.
Jason Moon, administrator at 21st Century Oncology and in the running for the Florida House.

In an upcoming Republican primary for House Representative of District 73, Jason Moon is running against Matt Caldwell but seemed hardly aware of the competition. 

"I'm the man for the job," Moon asserted.  "I know what people are going through.  I'm a business man."

Moon explained that as an administrator of 21st Century Oncology he is keenly aware of the problems with the economic environment of Southwest Florida. 

Moon believes that the government is stepping in the way of business development.

"The government doesn't create jobs," Moon said.  "They need to create an environment that's friendly to entrepreneurs.  Small businesses are the people that create jobs and we, the government, need to get out of the way.  Stimulus money is fine and good but small business owners are what do it."

Moon bewailed the current state of the financial system which he says is not loaning enough money to help small business owners get off the ground and thinks a streamlining of regulatory processes and tax incentives are what Southwest Florida needs to jump start the local economy.

"One key thing is diversification," Moon said.  "in Lee County we've got the highs and lows in the real estate industry and tourism.  We don't have the other industries that could possibly create jobs."

Looking at the revamping regulatory processes is crucial, Moon declared.

"I think the public sector and the private sector have to have a partnership," Moon said.  "with communication on both sides of the table.  Discuss what's good and bad in the system.  Find out problems.  Get feedback.  Streamline."

As an administrator of a medical facility, Moon also had a lot to say about the state of affairs with the health system.

"I don't think the government being involved in the health care system is the way to go," Moon said, "it's about the doctor and patient relationship and I don't want to see that jeopardized."

Moon foresees that the health care reform will add too many people to the rolls of medicaid and possibly create a budget crisis for the state.

"And raises taxes is not the answer," Moon said.  "Now or ever."

If there were a budget shortfall, Moon said alternative to raising taxes should be sought.

"I don't know how Florida going to afford that," said Moon of the health care reform bill that recently passed both houses of congress.

Moon also said that doctor's are worried and uncertain about how the health care reform will affect them and that they've been facing a reduction in wages for several years now that he expects the health care reform will worsen.

"Yet again, that's not good for business," Moon said.  "Doctor's aren't going to want to hire new staff, expand facilities and order new machinery when the environment is so uncertain."

Moon is a Fort Myers native, 30, and has a degree in law.


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