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Jason Kincaid reaches milestone as champion, seeks more

In a business where some title belts are little more than props and title changes happen on an almost daily basis there are still some titles that actually mean something not only to the promotion but to the business of professional wrestling and to the person holding the title.

Jason Kincaid
Terry Maples

The flagship of the National Wrestling Alliance, NWA Smoky Mountain and the Heavyweight Championship is one of the most coveted titles not only in the NWA but also on the independent circuit. Only a handful of people have had the honor to hold the NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Championship and there is one man who cannot only lay claim to the title but also to being the longest reigning NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Champion and to take it one step further, he is also one of the longest reigning champions not only in the indies but in professional wrestling as a whole.

Jason “The Gift” Kincaid does indeed have a “gift” for being one of the premier performers in wrestling and he has one of the longest title reigns in modern wrestling history as he has held the NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Championship for over 1,000 days. In that time Kincaid has also found himself immersed in a feud over the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship with current champion Chase Owens and actually held that title back in 2013 for several months before losing it to Owens.

The ever humble Kincaid said of his NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Championship reign, “I'd like to dedicate this title reign to my grappling godfathers, without whom I wouldn't have had the aspiration to achieve this milestone. From Lou Thesz, Danny Hodge, Gene Kiniski, and Dory Funk Jr, to Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, and Hulk Hogan. It's the great champions of the past that I wish to honor and pay homage to, in my small way, for inspiring me to achieve more!”

In the almost three years Kincaid has held the NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Championship he has had no shortage of challengers including Vordell Walker, Daniel Mulligan, Shaun Tempers, Lance Erickson, ROH Star Davey Richards, Wolfie D, Owens, Zac Vincent, Sigmon, NWA World Heavyweight Championship contender Chris Richards and during that time Kincaid has a victory over former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce.

Kincaid has been called one of the most talented wrestlers not to be wrestling for the WWE or TNA but his presence on the indie scene and his importance to the NWA has not gone unnoticed.

“Jason is one of those few people who truly ‘get it,’ NWA Smoky Mountain promoter Tony Givens said. “He is one of the best I have ever seen.”

With a wrestling style that is a mixture of lucha libre, classic old school (chain wrestling) and an ability to take today’s “modern” wrestling style and actually take it to the next level, Kincaid is a unique wrestling machine and many would say a natural in the ring.

“Man, Jason Kincaid is unreal, some of the stuff I’ve seen him do, no one else can do it, maybe there is no one else who ever could,” said one Kincaid fan. “He is just phenomenal…”

As for the fans Kincaid had this to say, “I also want to thank the fans. As my tenure as champion began, it was to a baptism of boos, but, somewhere along the lines, a cocoon of cheers came to envelop and transform me into stronger competitor. I couldn't have made it to 1,000 days without that resistance and acceptance to motivate me to evolve as an athlete and as a person.”

As Kincaid closes in on three years reigning as NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight champion and after having a taste of World Championship gold, he has his eyes on an even bigger prize.

“Lou Marconi is the National Heavyweight Champion and Rob Conway is the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, I would step into the ring at any moment with either one of them and I am confident I would walk out with their belt,” Kincaid said. “I love being the Smoky Mountain Champion but I would also like the chance to wrestle for the National Championship and ultimately the World Championship.”

“I just want to continue to elevate the championship, as the championship elevates me,” Kincaid added.

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