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2014 Winter Olympics

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Jason Brown’s fall on Olympic ice goes viral after team figure skating (photos)

Jason Brown performs at the Olympic team figure skating event.
Jason Brown performs at the Olympic team figure skating event.
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Jason Brown had a big smile and a strong performance, except he fell on the ice. The Winter Games has seen several crashes, but on Sunday the drop seen by Jason Brown had to hurt. While the performance is only several hours old, it’s already being circulated online as a GIF and people are checking out the moment as the fall trends on social media. According to the Washington Post on Sunday, Jason Brown was the only athlete on the ice without a quadruple jump.

Jeremy Brown was loved by the crowd for sure. The 19-year-old athlete was making his Olympic debut and got the Russian audience clapping along for his Riverdance-style free skate to Reel around the Sun. With a big smile and a strong performance at the Iceberg Skating Palace Sunday the star couldn't stop smiling.

However when the athlete fell, there was a moment everyone’s heart sank. The athlete was called up to perform for Team USA competition and even though he wasn't expected to win over the world on his first skate, everyone wanted Brown to shine.

Adding Jason Brown’s performance to the overall score of the Olympic team figure skating, the United States is still in medal contention. The decision of medals will be made on Sunday morning after all the segments are completed.

Win or lose, Jason Brown should be proud as he looked good on the ice!

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