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2014 Winter Olympics

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Jason Brown ice sculpture? Illinois fans honor Olympic figure skater (photos)

Jason Brown and his ponytail are on display in his native Highland Park, Illinois. While the American figure skater is still in Russia his likeness, made of ice, is on display for all the locals to come by and take a look. Even in the dark it’s possible to see the ice sculpture as there are lights so people can check out the art honoring the Olympic athlete. According to Yahoo Sports, the fans are stopping by to share a moment with the American figure skater even if he is only water frozen in front of a building.

Jason Brown's ice sculpture in Highland Park, Illinois.

The 10-foot display of ponytail figure skater is quite a sight. At first look it is extremely obvious that this is Jason Brown and it even appears that the pose was taken when the athlete was in Sochi skating. Being that the sculpture is made entirely of ice, it’s not known if Jason Brown will get the chance to see the ice display in person. Not to worry though as fans have posted dozens of pictures of the statue for the world to see.

Jason Brown might not have won at the Sochi Olympics, but he did attract plenty of attention. The star who continued to smile throughout the competition offered everyone a reason to watch and the chance to share in his Olympic dream. Jason Brown will be back at the Olympics in 2018 and there is no doubt he will be a medal contender in figure skating. It’s only a matter of time!

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