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2014 Winter Olympics

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Jason Brown goes for Olympic gold; figure skater’s smile is contagious (photos)

Jason Brown's smile is contagious! American athlete goes for Olympic gold
Jason Brown's smile is contagious! American athlete goes for Olympic gold
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

American figure skater Jason Brown is going to be back on the Olympic ice on Friday. The athlete is now in medal contention and could be on the podium for Team USA. Viewers have fallen in love with Jason Brown and couldn’t be more excited to hear he is in the final group of men competing for Olympic gold. According to the New York Times on Thursday, the fans love to watch his joy on the ice.

When Jason Brown hit the ice of the Olympic men’s short program in Sochi on Thursday, the first thing he did was smile at the crowd. At the Olympics the American figure skater has been nothing but a bundle of joy. The smiles, the charm and even his body expressions before, during and after the performance is contagious. Even though America is miles away it seems to all the United States fans that they are in the arena cheering on the figure skater.

It can’t be easy grabbing the attention of the fans with every move on the ice, but somehow the talented athlete has held on to the viewer's quite easily. Now all Jason needs to do is skate his heart out for the final competition and wait to see what happens.

It would be lovely if Jason Brown could bring home a medal for America, but to ask that is a lot of pressure. Jason Brown has already proven himself as an adequate figure skater. Now all he needs to do is fulfill his personal dream of being an Olympian. Whatever happens on the final skate doesn't matter as America will be cheering on this great figure skater!

Take a look at Jason Brown on the ice during the Olympic men’s short program. His smile is contagious!

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