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Jason Brock on life post X-Factor and new music

X-Factor season 2 contestant, Jason Brock is gearing up to release his first album without the help of a major label. The Texas native sat down with to discuss new music and life post X-Factor.

Jason Brock and Jason Ikeler
Jason Ikeler

Brock, the charismatic and openly gay contestant was known for his big voice on the show. While being openly gay made a great social impact, Brock feels that he may have been pigeon-holed by X-Factor. In an interview with AfterBuzz TV Brock confessed that, “I was really out and gay on the show and I think that definitely is part of my identity and what people see me as, kind of like this fabulous ‘Mr. Entertainment’ thing. Which, I am, but that’s not the only side of me.”

Brock plans to change this perception by embracing more of an “LA Sound” for his debut self-released EP. He told that, “In San Francisco we have a lot of cabaret, which I do a lot of…and in LA even though there is a cabaret scene…and I have friends in it, there’s a lot more like rock and indie stuff going on in LA…that’s interestingly enough something I’m going toward.”

This sound will be a departure from how he was represented on the show, but Brock who grew up in a musical family, says that when he sits down to write songs that he subconsciously takes on more of a "folky" sound, “With my new EP that’s coming out, it’s more of that…kind of indie sound, it’s me and a guitar…and I’m hoping that it will be popular here (in LA).”

Brock plans to play more Los Angeles based gigs once his EP is released including Don’t Tell Mama, and he hopes to eventually play The Viper Room. Brock is also working on a documentary about his life post X-Factor that will feature songs he’s written.

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