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Jason Beghe and Sophia Bush talk 'Chicago P.D.'

Jason Beghe plays Sergeant Hank Voight and Sophia Bush plays Detective Erin Lindsay on NBC's "Chicago P.D."
Jason Beghe plays Sergeant Hank Voight and Sophia Bush plays Detective Erin Lindsay on NBC's "Chicago P.D."
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When we first met Sergeant Hank Voight onChicago Fire we could say he was a true antagonist. Yet now as the head of the intelligence unit on the show's spinoff, “Chicago P.D.”, Voight, played by Jason Beghe, appears to be in a gray area as the “hero”; an evolution the actor says he isn't surprised by.
“The first day I showed up on “Chicago Fire”, the first thing the writers said was, “Oh, you're a bad guy.” I said, “No, he's not.” Because you have to understand it's all from a viewpoint. If you look at it from Casey's viewpoint, he's a bad guy. From Voight's viewpoint, his son's in trouble. He's got a job as a policeman. His son's going to go to jail. I know that he's done some bad things and I'm willing to take some responsibility. But imagine the consequence of my son going to jail. Hank Voight's son going to jail with all the people that Hank Voight put away? If it was your son is it justice that he's raped to death? I always just try to find the reality of the guy,” said Beghe, who believes that Voight's character transition is a part of a moral ambiguity that everyone has.
“Nobody's bad or good. There's a white hat in everybody's closet.”

We know Voight pulled out that white hat with Detective Erin Lindsay on “Chicago P.D.”, as we are slowly starting to discover more about the “good cop” role her boss has played in her life. Actress Sophia Bush, who plays Lindsay, says she is enjoying the way the show has chosen to develop the storyline of her character's history with Voight.
“It's been very exciting,” Bush said at NBC's TCA Winter Press Tour Sunday. “We're peeling back the depth of that history more like an onion rather than just revealing it all at once. And to give the audience hints as to Voight having saved Lindsay's life and her being a confidential informant; it's exciting. There's a lot more information coming there.”
Bush added that the impact Voight has had on Lindsay's life further strengthens her loyalty to the unit. “For me and my character, he's the only real sense of home that I've ever had and that creates a dedication that deepens my dedication to my job.”

Beghe says Voight's ability to be a “good guy” to Lindsay when the situation presented itself is one of the things he finds himself most drawn to with this police-focused drama. “Prior to having met Casey, he helped this little girl. He took her into his home and raised her, and put her into private school. That to me is one of the things I find interesting about the show; nobody is who they seem to be. Nobody is this guy or that guy. Everybody's a lot of things in a lot of different situations.”

Watch all the situations the cops of "Chicago P.D." find themselves in on Wednesday nights at 10pm on NBC.

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