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Jasmine green tea

Soothing Jasmine Green Tea by Twinnings.
Soothing Jasmine Green Tea by Twinnings.
Michelle Johnson

Unwind from your ever busy day with Jasmine green tea. The smell alone is calming, but the taste will have you drifting away into a sleepy slumber. Jasmine is the perfect addition to green tea as it enhances the relaxing effects of green tea. Close your eyes and you'll find yourself in sweet dream land drifting far far away. Steep tea for 3-5 minutes sweeten with honey or whatever sweetener you like. This tea is your perfect cup of relaxing tea. Pairs well with biscuits, sweet potato pie, hash brown potatoes, mild curry chicken, and many other foods that are mild flavored. Tea is made by Twinnings and can be purchased at your local grocer's or online.Know of a delicious tea, then please share, and you might be featured in an article.