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Jared Pobre praises Stacy Keibler's 'positive energy' from holistic diet detox

Find out how Stacy Keibler got fabulous for her wedding day.
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Actress, model and former professional wrestler Stacy Keibler proved that she's recovered from her split with George Clooney by getting married in an intimate ceremony recently. And in a twist on the traditional "shedding for the wedding" fad diet, Stacy completed a holistic 21-day detox cleanse diet prior to the wedding that she feels transformed her life. Her new husband Jared Pobre confirmed the holistic benefits by praising her "positive energy" in a March 16 interview with People magazine.

"What makes me so happy with Stacy is her positive energy – it's contagious and she makes everyone around her in a good mood," says Pobre.

He shares her belief in the benefits of a holistic diet consisting of unprocessed foods by taking on a role as chef.

"I'm extremely excited about starting a family one day and building a future with Stacy doing the things we enjoy such as travel, shared hobbies and our passion for cooking," added Pobre.

Stacy is a believer in the back-to-nature approach, from her wedding to her diet, describing her wedding as "a blend of romance, tranquility, natural beauty, bonding and overwhelming love."

Stacy's 21-day weight loss cleanse also was designed to enhance that sense of tranquility and her natural beauty. Stacy based her cleanse on the book "Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself" (click for details).

“I cut out night-shade vegetables, like eggplants and tomatoes, and didn't eat any dairy or gluten. I saw the difference in my body, my energy and my mental clarity. Even the whites of my eyes were clearer,” Stacy told Natural Health magazine.

“I've always been healthy, but this began a full health journey for me.”

And her advice to others who want to lose weight:

If you’re just starting, I say eliminate dairy and wheat. A lot of people who thought their external environment was the cause of their allergies see their symptoms go away when those foods are cut out. You can really get a sense of clarity and may reduce inflammation in your system.

In addition, Stacy avoids soy, using coconut milk or almond milk. "I’m not a coffee drinker either—instead, I start the day with hot water and lemon. It’s very cleansing and healing and gets everything moving."

As a result of that 21-day detox cleanse, "my life changed when I did the 21-day clean program," Stacy told New Beauty magazine. “I eliminated sugar, fruit, beans, corn and gluten and looked at it as an experiment with my body.”

That "experiment" went so well that Stacy continued to extend her holistic, natural approach to beauty and health.

"I do believe that getting a little bit of Vitamin D, natural Vitamin D from the sun, is really important. Just go out for five minutes, get a little bit of sun. It really does something for your overall well-being," she said. Get more tips on how vitamin D can provide you with benefits ranging from weight loss to cancer protection by clicking here.

Just like Kim Kardashian, who's combined exercise and diet to get her best body for her own upcoming wedding, Stacy also believes that working out is essential for a sleek physique for that wedding day as well as overall health.

“My fitness tip is to try and sweat every single day,” she told New Beauty. “Even if you can just do jumping jacks in your house for ten minutes, and that’s all you can get in.”

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