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Jared Lorenzen: At 320 pounds, Lorenzen is the 'Beast Mode' of the CIFL

Jared Lorenzen beast mode: Lorenzen still knocking down defenses at 320 pounds
Getty Images

Jared Lorenzen has always been big, even as a teen, but this former Giants backup quarterback and star at the University of Kentucky is showing he still has game - even at 320 pounds.

According to a report on Feb. 4, Lorenzen was back on the gridiron Monday, leading the Northern Kentucky River Monsters to a win over the Bluegrass Warhorses in the Continental Indoor Football League.

Lorenzen caught a lot of flack about his weight during his time with the Giants. As you can imagine the press always had a comment or two that wasn't very flattering. However, the 32-year-old former college star quarterback showed he still has a bit of game left as he finished 23-for-37 for 183 yards and three touchdowns. He also ran for a score in the River Monsters 36-20 win.

Jared’s return to the team did bring some extra attention on the Northern Kentucky River Monsters. reported:

Jared’s return to the team prompted an unexpected bit of attention from many sportswriters twitter accounts and blogs across the nation, and with a few vine videos, his name was trending on multiple social media sites.

Hey, any attention is good attention, right?

Now if Lorenzen made it back on a NFL squad, that would be the ultimate comeback story.

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