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Japanese Sushi & Karaoke at Naan

Mary Browning

While most of the time I tend to stay away from places that have Karaoke, last night was an exception. My husband and I stopped off at Naan in Plano for some Japanese sushi and fun. Naan is located in the south side of the Shops at Legacy, next to Jaspers in Plano.

When we walked in, nobody was there to greet us, and it appeared that the Karaoke was still being set up, so my husband and I just seated ourselves. We sat next to a lovely couple who appeared to be having a first or second date. The dress was eclectic, with some people wearing office apparel, and others in t-shirts and hats.

Glancing through the menu, there were very few options for Sake, which was surprising, but they seemed to have a much larger list of high quality wines and Martini's. Their hot sake runs around $7 for a large, which is a little bit higher than at RA just down the street, which charges only $6 for theirs. I decided to see if the food made the extra money worthwhile, which is my favorite part.

Deciding not to eat from their regular menu, the sushi card came out with our ordering pencil. They seemed to have a lot of Football team rolls, which i immediately skipped because I found the names unappealing. We ordered two rolls first. The Mighty roll, which is described as spicy tuna with cream cheese with spicy sauce, was my first choice, and the Rocket, which is described as jalepeno avocado and shrimp tempura, was my husband's choice. I was disappointed in the rolls because from the description, I didn't think that they would be so spicy. They were inedible to me, but my husband who loves really spicy things said they were "the bomb". I asked the waiter to bring me something savory, sweet, yet with a little heat, and he brought out an amazing dish. The Mt. Fuji was very good, and I thought it was tasty enough to almost rival my favorite sushi place, Sake Toro in Frisco. I was a very happy camper at that moment so I thought I would try a round of Karaoke, which was fun only for me.

The food and drink was more expensive than it would have been at RA, but the setting is much classier because there are not crowds of people, which personally I like. I found the food at Naan to be much better than the counterparts. The bill was around $100, which is a little expensive if you are on a budget, but makes for a lovely date night. The service is average, and the wait time for the sushi was a little bit longer than I originally expected, but that gave us a chance to people watch. I would recommend this place for dates, and business meals mostly. It is upscale casual, and they have Karaoke every Thursday night along with happy hour sushi.

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